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This ring is completely handmade and constructed in our studio in Zagreb in Croatia.

Unique and special PEARLDROP ring is simple and elegant, made out of brass or silver wire with freshwater pearl on the top as a detail.

Brass is a material consisting out of copper and zinc. It keeps its color and it is not a layer over a base material. Over time brass will naturally tarnish, due to the copper content. This means that it can get darker or dull.

Silver is a soft metal, and will not discolor or chip.

/ Taking care of brass /

Rinse your brass jewelry with warm water and mild soap every once in a while, dry and clean them regularly with a soft cotton cloth. For a proper clean you can use Purol, brass polish.

/ Taking care of silver /

Rinse your silver jewelry with warm water and mild soap every once in a while, dry and clean them regularly with a soft cotton cloth. Remove your jewelry before applying beauty products, before going swimming or showering, and never keep it in your bathroom.

/ Taking care of gold plated or silver plated /

Gold plated/ silver plated jewellery makes a great alternative to real gold or silver jewellery. With plated jewellery, a layer of real gold/ silver is applied to another metal so it has the same appearance.

  • Remove all gold/ silver plated jewellery when doing pretty much anything that involves heat or, swimming, exercise....and anything else you can think of where the jewellery may get wet.

  • After bathing/showering, wait until you're dry before putting on your gold / silver plated jewels and apply all lotions and perfumes on before putting the jewellery on. Different chemicals in lotions and perfumes can seriously tarnish jewellery. It's best to avoid tarnish with gold/ silver plated items as they aren't as easy to clean as silver and gold pieces.

  • Store gold / silver plated jewellery in the box it came in. Don't chuck it in your jewellery box with everything else as the friction of rubbing up against other metals can wear away at the layer of gold/ silver. And leaving it lying around increases the risk of tarnishing.

  • Don't sleep in your gold / silver plated jewellery for the same reasons

    DON'T use any abrasives to clean your gold/ silver plated jewellery, so ignore all of the advice online to use baking soda or a toothbrush to clean your gold/ silver plated items. Anything abrasive will remove the layer of gold/ silver. This includes a lot of polishes used on real silver and gold as polishing metals usually involves slightly removing a layer of metal as you buff.

  • secret trick for polishing up gold / silver plated jewellery is to spray some window cleaner onto a piece of kitchen towel and gently rub it over your metal.

  • Lastly, if your plating has worn off your jewellery, which can happen eventually, you can always have it re plated. It's not an expensive thing to have done and is a service we offer for our pieces of jewellery.

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